Canceling Leases; it's just what Chesapeake Energy does. Now canceling leases in Colorado

The article title says it all. They roll into an area and their land machine locks of as much acreage for as cheaply as possible. In the meantime, they are drilling tests wells. Then they determine if they "really" want those leases.


And the beat goes on.

Colorado has a marketable title act and this is historically what they have hung their hat on. Instead of a free option, you could contrive a sliding scale for bonus downpayment to take the lease off the market. I have also done that in the past. Recently, I negotiated $60 dollars per acre down with the option to expire in 60 days (see my math?)

You might want to check this out for further protection.

It comes as no suprise as its the way they operate. Even when they have a binding contract they breech and circumvent with one of their shell companies. This is proven when VP of land Dave Bolton admitted to circumvention. Also named several of their shell companies in which they used in order to obtain the leases cheaper. Chesapeake energy is the anti-christ of the oil business and clearly if gas prices remain low the next Enron. I myself have in excess of 20,000 documents including in house emails to prove how they work their fraud.