Canadian County Section 6 and 7 14N 6W

My family has just under 30 acre's of minerals in this area. There seems to be a lot of interest from others to purchase these minerals, any new zones being discovered in the area or has the new technology allowed for better recovery from the older zones?

Fracking has drastically increased productivity over the years, and is getting even better with time. And now that oil and slowly picking up, things are getting more active. If you decide to sell, make sure you get what its worth.

excuse for jumping in.. how would a person get some idea what the going amount would be for selling minerals?

thanks for your reply K,

Michael the answer to your question is the million dollar question, looks of factors, a 4/640 has a value of very little in dry hole sections to $ 5,550.00 per month based upon proven production and then the curve of production is based on historical data, have been offered 80k as the 4/640 sits, un drilled to the new depths in the area Have a great weekend