Canadian County Sec 11- T10N-6W

I have some ORRI in Sec 11-T10N-6W.Received correspondence awhile back that Citizen Energy was going to drill some wells there.Is this pooled?Any drilling activity?

Citizen pooled 11 1/5/2017 201601479

Horizontal spacing case 201601476

Horizontal well 201601477

Location exception 201601478

Carpenter 1H-11-14 was drilled abut December 2016. First sales were in January 2017, so you should have gotten a division order in June. You should be getting paid pretty soon.

Thank you,sir...very helpful.Appreciate the response..

I have not received any division orders,only the usual notices the attorneys send out.Does anyone have contact info for Citizen? Canadian Cty Sec 11 T10N 6W...

320 S. BOSTON, SUITE 1300, TULSA, OK 74103
Contact Name: WILLIAM H. HUFFMAN Contact Phone: 918-492-4433