Canadian County, Oklahoma: Section 12-12N-6W

I have a few acres in this section 12-12N-6W and I am getting weekly offers from companies wanting to purchase. I thought about selling since the 2 wells that are on my section have been shut-in for a year now. Though, I have recently received Hearings in Motion papers stating two companies have requested multi-unit wells, spacing and horizontal drilling. Does this mean horizontal drilling will start soon and I should just sit and wait to see what happens?


A new 13,700 well was completed in sec.16 on 5/15/17 and came in at 315 bo and 1373 mcf

Lease don't sell

Nosley and Jones Energy are pursuing regulatory actions, to follow the actions as well as obtained PDF's, you can go to the following website:

to pull up the specific actions, enter the cause numbers in the "Case # : at the top of the screen.

The numbers for the different causes are 201704161, 201702770, 201702771, 201702772, 201702773, 201702096, 201702097.

The last 2 cause numbers were from '89 energy', the first 5 were from NOSLEY SCOOP, LLC NOSLEY ACQUISITIONS, LLC AND JONES ENERGY, LLC

You can look up the completion report for the well (DAVIS 1206 1-16MH) in Sec 16 - that gary references on the OCC site as well at:

The completion report is at the following link:

The well was drilled/completed at the end of last year. The well had a ~4500' lateral (normal lateral for a 640 acre unit), and the IP's indicated (315 & 1373), but only 270#'s shut-in pressure - makes me think there was a typo or something on the completion report. The well produced/sold a total of 2590 bbls and 12167 in November (remember it was a partial month - approximately 6 days), 5781 bbls/28246 mcf in Dec, 3628 bbls/17113 mcf in Jan, and 2920/17113 in Feb.

Not the best results in the play by far, but not the worst either.

Jeffrey, where does one find information (case #'s) for activity in their section? I like what you have listed above, just curious how you were able to find that info because that would help me out a lot. Thanks, in advance.

Hey cuz. We are all wondering why this is taking so long but are encouraged that it is one of the hottest sections and we are all waiting patiently. This is only the first inning in the game. Could happen very soon. Horizontal drilling can produce 50x's more oil and gas than the two VERTICAL wells, now, shut-in wells that were drilled long ago according to an article I recently read AND they said the STACK was estimated at having MORE than $40 BILLION in assets!!! Canadian county is in the core of the STACK. Research ànd read all you can on both the STACK and SCOOP in Oklahoma as your other mineral rights are there also. The article said that easily only 10% of the oil was taken vertically and the remaining 90% is still there. Hope this helped. Dan

Hi Dan! Hope you and your family are doing well. I am so glad another family member is on here! I have been trying to be patient, but it is hard. I hope things start to progress soon. Let me know if you hear any exciting news. I did just get in the mail the recent Notice of Hearing for increased density and the multiunit horizontal well. All good signs! Let's keep in touch.

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if if you don’t mind me asking I also have Minerals in 9n-4w. Coukd you messsage me and let me know who is paying that in McClain

I don't know what the selling rate is in McClain.