Canadian County, Oklahoma: Section 12-12N-6W

I was curious if anyone had any information on what is happening in Canadian County 12-12N-6W? I have about 5 acres in this section which is being HBP from old wells. There has been a lot of interest by a few different companies wanting to purchase. The first offers were for $5,000 per acre down to $1,000 per acre. Does anyone know what is currently happening in this area?

You are about to have one or more horizontal wells, hence the interest. Since you are already HBP, you just sit back and wait for the paperwork to come to you. You should have already gotten some from 89 Energy or Jones Energy. If not, then friend me and I will tell you what you need to do to get on the list.


Hi. This post caught my eye. My mother has mineral interests in Canadian County in Sec 1-12N-5W. Is anything happening in that area?

Thanks, Kerry

I see one lease in section 1 in April 2017. I see some pick up in leasing activity in the township as a whole. Jones Energy looking to drill a horizontal well in 31, so that is encouraging.