Canadian County, OK

Any Activity in, or around, 11N-5W?

Citizen had pooling cases in 5 & 8 in January 2022. Lots of leases in 5 & 8 in the last 12 months.

Anything going on in 13N-6W?

Yes, there is activity in sections 5/8, 6/7, (Ovintiv) 12 (Red Bluff), 16/21 (Citizen Energy).

What sections are you interested in?

Section 16 and Section 10, but I know there’s an active well on 10.

Section 10 has several older wells that are still online.
Holman 1-10 (Cimarex), Lechtenberger 2-10 (OVINTIV) vertical wells (Hollman 13-6 1H-2X has a surface location in 10, but no perforations-only in 2 & 11)

Bill 1306 1H-3X (Newfield, now OVINTIV) Perforations in 10.

Section 16 has a vertical well Albert 1-16 (Cimarex) still online. The others are finished.
Citizen Energy III LLC has pending OCC cases for Increased Density, Pooling, and two Horizontal Wells with Section 21. You should have received all of the OCC cases by mail if you are a mineral owner and your name and address are properly filed in the Canadian County courthouse. Pay attention to the Pooling as that may be important.

Thanks for your help!

I received the notice of application for Pooling by Citizen yesterday. So I guess it’s just sit tight and wait now. Thanks again.

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