Canadian County 35-11N-6W

I inherited mineral rights to Section 35-11N-6W in Canadian County. How do I find out who owns the land and where exactly it is? I intend to file the will and get the rights in my name but have no idea how to start.

Thank you

Welcome to the forum. Condolences on your loss.

If you inherited the mineral rights, the owner of the surface is irrelevant as there is no longer any association of the surface with the mineral rights. You will need to file the will in the county where the deceased lived and if the minerals are in a different county, file there as well. Your attorney can help with the process in order to do it properly.

Marathon Oil Company had the Bessie 1-35 well. It was online until August 2018, so depending upon the date of death, the royalties may have all gone to your relative or they are holding some.

Here is a map of where the minerals are. Zoom into 11N & 6W and then you can find section 35 within that township. Canadian County Map.pdf (440.6 KB)

Is the will currently being probated? If not, that may be required for you to get the rights in your name. Usually filing a will alone, will not transfer the mineral interest. For it to be marketable the will must go through probate. Once the probate is completed you file the Final Order in the county where the minerals are located.

It was probated here in VA where my mother lived, but hasn’t been probated in OK where the rights are.

My mother lived in VA, she inherited from her father in Craig county, that will has been probated. My mother passed in 2017 and I inherited from her. So I need to probate her will in Canadian County? Someone is interested in the rights because I got a letter of inquiry about it, and they knew to track me from my deceased grandpa and mother. I was asking about finding the owner of the land to see if they are interested in purchasing back the mineral rights. I want to sell my share. I live too far away and have no interest in monitoring this kind of thing.

Yes you will be required to probate in Oklahoma. Unfortunately Oklahoma does not allow out of state probates to apply to real property here.

Get the title settled and then take into account that there is quite a bit of horizontal drilling all around section 35. If you still want to sell, best to get several bids if possible.

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