Canadian County 2-13-6 and 11-13-6 Royalties?

Hello, All:

We have property in Canadian County (2-13-6 and 11-13-6). Both parcels currently have mineral leases on them.

With the Hollman 1306 H-2X in operation, shouldn’t me be receiving pooling royalties at this point?

Is there a source we can verify to determine if they (or any other well) are pooling from our property?

Thanks, in advance, for any help!

The Hollman had first sales near 1/6/19, so you will not get royalties until about July or so. That is normal. You will get a Division order about five months after first sales and then paid shortly thereafter.

You can search the Oklahoma Corporation Commission well records to see all wells from your section. Test. Wells are posted by surface location. (The Hollman well is permitted and spud from section 10) You will need to put 1013N06W in the location box to get that well. Other wells in 2 & 11 will be found in their respective sections.

You can follow the production from your sections by using the OK Tax site and typing in the locations. Gross Production

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