Canadian Co. 2N-2W

I just found out about a small amount of mineral rights (just over 1 NMA) in 2N-2W that belonged to a deceased family member. I was contacted and given an offer of to purchase at $6,000 / acre. We live out of state and I am not at all in tune with the situation in Canadian Co.

I’m trying to do some due diligence and found this forum helpful in the early stages. The offer mentions an 18.75% NRI (does that mean a lease is already in place or is that part of the offer)? If so, how would I find more information about that particular lease?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

You can begin by search with the legal description and your relative’s name:

18.75 NRI would be a net royalty interest. or a 3/16th royalty.

James- there is no 2n-2w in Canadian County, OK. Please help us answer your questions by providing your complete legal description. Todd M. Baker


From the county clerk search it shows:


Does that help?

That sounds like a town lot.