Cana Woodford

I am a mineral owner in Canadian County, Oklahoma. Devon has drilled a well (they completed it in January of this year so I have not recieved anything from them yet). Anybody know anything about the wells they are drilling there? I met a Devon employee at the well location and he said he could not tell me anything about the well.

Hi Gary, Have you tried the Okla. Corp. Comm? click on divisions, select oil and gas and click databases. There will be instructions on using the database. You can do a well search by entering information such as operator name, well name and # and location. Once you locate the well there will be buttons to click for completion date, production etc. I dont know how long it takes for them to start posting once a well is completed. If that doesn't help you could probably contact Devon directly. The Landman you signed the lease with can probably provide Devon's contact information.

I checked the OCC website and there are wells that have been completed a year ago and still there are no production data. I guess I just need to be patient, they will eventually let me know what the well is producing.