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Hey Hutch, Roer does mean something to me as a matter of fact it means a lot! Thanks for the information about the wells, that makes me happy!!


No begging required, I’m a pushover!



Just got a call from Guy. If you haven’t called him or the OCC I would suggest that you do. At least I got a call. ■■■■. Its worth a try. I don’t have any resolution yet, but at least I got a call.


8-13N-9W- Very hot area. The Woodford is 250’ thick in that general area and to the southwest of it. Devon is drilling like crazy. Most sections have from 5-9 wells on them. Cimarex is drilling to the north and west with about the same number of wells. This will probably be productive for a very long time, but most lucrative in the next few years.

Be very careful in here about offers to buy. I received one from a company that is reportedly in serious legal trouble. They are known for clouding title. If you decide to sell, get good advice and a really good price. I am not selling my acres here.


Jeanie…He was a fine, fine man! I have been having people call me that are telling me how they loved him and how he touched their lives in a positive way. Some are people that I didn’t even know knew him. So touching!!!


Thank you for your comments, M Barnes, it is great to know that there is so much activity in this section. I sure wont be accepting any offers to buy mineral rights in this area.


Linda, I have read and re-read your tribute to your father and think it is wonderful that he left you such a legacy. He taught you the important values of this life, my dad did the same and worked hard to give us all that he could. They would be proud to know that we are reaping the rewards of their hard work.


Hutch, can you tell me on multi-unit wells if production is commingled or is it reported and paid out on each individual well? Thank you.


Hutch. Wow. Ten wells! Holey moley!

PS Anything brewing in Sec 27 8N 6W?


Jeanie, they just treat it as one well but before it is drilled an estimate is made on the allocation for each section. If the length of the production intervals are the same in each section then it’s 50/50 but could be 60/40 or so on. The permanent allocation is done after the well is completed. If it’s not 50/50 then some people will feel shortchanged. But on the other hand if not for that short portion there might be no production in that section at all. In one case I know of a section has 5 laterals coming in from the north and 5 from the south and they are getting 30% of 10 wells.


Jim, seems like this came up before, Continental’s Brannan 1-34-27XH multi-unit in 8N/6W. All orders approved but no Drilling Permit yet.


Hutch: You are right, but I was hoping something had changed. BTW, thanks for all your efforts in keeping us informed.



Can anyone find out why Sec’s 34/35 11N9W have no activity?


Does anyone know why a drilling company would abandon the election to drill multi-unit wells and decide instead to drill infill wells?


Could be that they don’t have enough acreage in the unit next door and haven’t worked out a deal with the other company(s) yet. Could be that they don’t have the next door one leased at all. Could be that the geology is better in the single unit than the multi. Could be that they want to run a test on how many wells to drill to infill and the timing is right to do it in one section versus a long well. Could be that the rig they have isn’t capable of drilling the long reach well. (I don’t know what kind of rigs they are using here and if that is an issue. I know it is offshore with the really long wells we drilled. Had to have a strong enough top drive to drill those really long wells.) Availability of frac crews, pipeline hookups, tanks, etc. Many possible reasons.


The Hatcher 1-35 with an irregular spacing holding the W2 of 34 and the E2 of 35, could be part of the reason.


There are many reasons to change strategies! Thank you M Barnes for insight into this complicated process.


Rick, I think back in 2008/9/10 Cimarex respaced them, I know they leased they acerage from zephyr.


One of my clients got a lease offer in Sec. 26 3N 6W for 3/16 and $500 an acre. Does anyone know if this is part of the scoop or if that is a fair offer for that area in Grady county?


If that is the first offer, it probably will go a bit higher. I heard $600 3/16 in s 24 catty corner. It may be on the edge of the gas for the SCOOP, so those are not going for as high as the condensate zone.