Can you sell "leased" mineral rights

I own mineral rights in Pecos County Texas Section 27, Block 48 (also mineral rights in Section 21, Block 48) that I inherited and I leased my mineral rights last year. I now have an offer to purchase my mineral rights and I am wondering if that is possible, since my mineral rights are leased. Also, where can I find/purchase a deed, or proof of ownership, for my mineral rights. Since my mineral rights were inherited, the only information I have is the last will and testament showing the distribution of the mineral rights. I would like to see an official document showing how many acres I own. Thank you, all, for your help with these questions. Pat

Minerals are real estate and you can freely sell whether leased or unleashed. If probate was filed whether in Texas or elsewhere and the distribution order was filed in the Pecos deed records then you have good title. You can look in the Pecos County on line deed records and find the filing in the name of the deceased. It should include the names of the heirs and a description of the property. However, the legal description will be the gross acreage in which you own an interest. For example it could be the E/4 of Section XX containing 160 acres. This will not tell you what your fractional interest is - such as 1/2 = 80 net acres or 1/4 = 40 net acres or 1/10 = 16 net acres. If the estate listed the gross and net acres owned by the deceased and you know your fractional share as an heir, then you can calculate. Also, when you signed the lease, it will have a gross acre description and if you divide your total bonus by the bonus per acre, then you will get to the net acres on which you were paid. Vouching for the accuracy of the landman who leased from you is another issue. Or you can research through the deed history to find the original owner of 100% and trace the ownership based on the assignment deeds.