Can you help us

Hello everyone my name is Arlene.

My siblings, in PA, and I, in MO were contacted in April by a land lease company in OKC concerning apparent mineral rights we own in Tyler County West Virginia. McElroy District (05); Tax Map 13; Parcel 11,11.1, 11.2 and 12 of the -G.W. McIntyre Farm. They issued a lease agreement with two options for choice and signature.

We are pleased to learn of this ownership, which dates back to our great grandmother Cora Weir. I have been designated to be research and negotiator for the three of us. I am in the Dental profession this is foreign ground for me.

Our initial contact has already moved onto a new project. Based on some of the posts I have read, I feel the two options given us may not be in our best interest.

Are there any among you who would be willing to mentor,share your knowledge, insight opinion to help we novices? We feel overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated.

If you didn't know any thing about the mineral rights till now, who has been paying the taxes?


I would suggest you hire a local WV attorney to negotiate on your behalf. The production companies rely on 'novices' and have no hesitation to take advantage of them.

I own mineral rights in Tyler Co 21/2 years ago negotiated $4200 acre and 20% royalty. And they drilled wells fracked last February. If I new what is going on now there are two shale zones . I would talk to a lawyer try to lease each zone separately. One of the oil companies paid to the West Virginia $12000 on what they call the Bambi land

Elaine, good question. I would not have considered this. What would you suggest?

Thank you for the suggestion. Anyone you can recommend ?

Thank you Larry. I appreciate your response. Our offers were well below yours above.


I will email you directly on this site, the name of someone I recommend. Please note, I am NOT an attorney, just happen to be happy with one that I use.

Thank you so much !

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I am not getting anything.

Arlene, here is a link to the Tyler county online records. You can choose Tax records or Documents. I have been told that this works best with Internet Explorer as your web browser, and with Silverlight installed. If you go to Document inquiry, you will see a button on the top line at the right "Right Click". If you right click on it, you have the chance to install a program to view the old records. You probably can find something on your relatives This will give you a big picture view of the situation.

If you go to the Tax inquiry and choose D-Map-P and put in McElroy 13 11 you will see the owners of the surface of those parcels. Same with parcel 12. That may or may not be a relative.

There are lots of things to find out with this.

I echo WV Mineral Owner's recommendation to consult with an attorney. I like to my own preliminary research but it is usually a good idea to get an attorney involved when dealing with the oil and gas companies for a lease.

Please let me know if you need any help / suggestions using these databases.

Many thanks Nancy, I will keep you all informed as I find out information. This is a lot to digest, but I will keep digging.

I am guessing the market is different today than they were 2 1/2 yrs ago, could reflect the lower offer to us. I shall continue to dig in and figure it out.


Nancy is a Goddess when it comes to this type of information, I cannot express how much she has helped me in the past. Of course I would never tell her that, I would hate for her ego to balloon. :)

Haaaaaaaaa!!!! I did receive your information and am most pleased. This week will begin a new journey. I am adopting you and Nancy as my mentors!!!!! Will be in touch.

My ego is safely in check because I know how much I still have to learn lol! Thanks WV Mineral Owner!

You are right that the market is different, but it seems things are picking up lately. A good lawyer will have the experience dealing with the companies to know what is likely agreed to beyond the initial offer. They never start with their best offer of course

Thank you Nancy!! Have a great day tomorrow.


My three siblings and I are also owners via Bertie McIntyre Iman (one of Cora's sisters) and my mother Evelyn Ressler (Inez's daughter). Glad to find someone else looking into this. Are you on Facebook or is there a way I can contact you outside of the forum?

Thanks. Carrie Brown