Can someone tell me if these are the same or different properties?

lot 9 block 39 belmont addition UT3915D


Blk 39 T1S Midland County, TX

We’ve had one company (with whom we currently have a lease on another nearby property) ask about whether we are basically “laying claim” to the first description and now just got mail from another company about buying rights on the second.

Also, incidentally, the 2nd description was addressed here by a couple more folks about 2 years ago… though I understand that multiple people can own percentages in the same parcel, I am curious why they were approached a couple of years ago and we are just now getting letters. Thanks!

Block 39 T1S contains about thirty sections/square miles. Many of these sections are located inside the city limits of the City of Midland. I do not know if you have provided enough details to answer your questions. Lot 9 sounds as though it might be your residence. Beware of mineral buyers slipping in language which conveys all of your minerals in the county even though you would only be getting paid for the town lot. Make sure you do not sell minerals you do not know you own. Just my two cents.

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I think we’ve ascertained that the Belmont addition (where all the other parcels we DO have, already, are) is not the same as the Blk 39 T1S lot. If someone else can confirm that, though, please do. I do not believe Belmont Add. is in the City limits, I am fairly certain it isn’t.

I’ve found paperwork that said my father-in-law owned at least half interest of 36 acres of property described as Blk 39 T1S. When some of it was sold, it specifically say “surface rights only” so I must assume that he maintains mineral rights there. Believe me when I say, we have zero interest in actually selling our rights, only leasing, and we certainly won’t hop on the first offer anyway.

Holy crow… 12 more letters came today, 14 total on the same block. Like I said, there was 36 acres that he owned half.

We clearly need an attorney and are 1000 miles away. Suggestions?

See the Mineral Services section of our Directory at the top right of your screen.

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I am used to seeing Texas property descriptions which adhere to Section ___, Block ____, Abstract ___. You have only provided the Block number. Block 39, T1S is made up of many sections of land. The Belmont Addition is likely in only one or two of the sections. I see that you have received more information. Yes, you do need to consult an attorney familiar with oil and gas law in Texas. I would think you might want to determine if you have any royalty money which is being held “in suspense” and if so make sure that you do not somehow give that money away when you sign the lease(s). In other words, you may have more money in suspense than what you might be paid as bonus if you minerals already have producing oil wells.

They all same block because there are AT LEAST 14 parcels in there that he owned rights on and these people (a company I’ve never heard of before this time) are being very non specific with the parcels, hoping we’ll just jump on the offer and then they’ll likely spell it out more but try to undercut the price. I mean that’s a point of buying up right instead of leasing land, right? Pay pennies on the dollar and make bank when the wells are in? It’s already a hard sell, one of those “we can cut you a check today” type things, that alone makes us both leery.

I’ve already been to the county records and it’s a large piece of land (or was in 1984), so there may be more at this point, but I don’t know how it was subdivided since then. The other lease (Belmont) we signed was created by an attorney his sister hired, so I am pretty sure that was on the up and up, but this company is totally different. Trust me, we go in cautiously.

Okay, same block, but not necessarily the same section. But that’s just an FYI and splitting hairs. If you could provide a more detailed description or a street intersection, someone in this forum might pull up a map (and etc.) and see if there are already producing wells nearby or involved with these parcels. As I said, if there are producing wells and the parcels are not leased, there may be money being held “in suspense”. If you have 18 acres, I think that is more than enough to pay an oil and gas attorney. I would not want to DIY legal with 18 prime mineral acres in Midland county, but good luck either way.

Block 39 TIS is blue highlighted. The squares are Sections and the green dots and lines are producing oil wells. Screenshot%20Midland%20Blk%2039

Wait, all the blue is still Block 39 T1S? Or just that little corner that says it in pink?

NOT wanting to do a DIY, I assure you… just trying to get a better understanding of what is owned there so we don’t approach it blindly.

Ok, none of those are even close to the Belmont Addition, which lies on the other side of I-20 loosely across the I from the Super Walmart… definitely different properties altogether. Belmont is leased, but this other one (is it Hilliard? He owned some there) is not. The company that is soliciting is not giving us full legal descriptions, simply "Block 39 T1S. From county records, I’d say it’s in/ around section 14. Would that be down by the wells or the other end, or do you know?

Thanks for your help!!

So if a deed says the whole “save and except mineral rights…” and then goes on to describe a previous conveyance before current purchase, does it only save and except the portion covered the previous conveyance? Say that says only 1/2 interest, does the other 1/2 go with the property moving forward or stay back with the owner who added the secondary save and except clause. That part is very confusing.

You might want to better acquaint yourself with the RRC’s Map Viewer: Click on the link to open the map viewer. Click on the magnifying glass in the middle of the row of icons at the top of the map viewer. A drop down menu will present. Click on “Surveys”. Select “Midland” county. Enter “39 T1S” in the Block. Click the Query button to generate a map. Use the zoom bar at the left hand side of the map to zoom in and out as you see fit. Green dots are producing vertical wells. Green dots connected to a pentagon by a line represent horizontal, producing oil wells. Empty circles represent permitted wells. Errors in descriptions are not uncommon. You might try to find the conveyance by searching the original owner’s name in courthousedirect or texasfile. The oil and gas attorney will be able to help greatly. Good luck.

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Thank you… I had the RRC’s map up the other night, but could not figure out how to get into that particular screen to navigate. I was missing the “surveys” part.

I have found the conveyance, but the language on the land was before it was actually subdivided to the smaller lots as it is now. At the time, it appears that there was about 16 acres there that he maintained 1/2 ownership over when selling off the surface rights only to the remaining land from a subdivision.

Working on the attorney now, but finances are super tight. We are nearly 3 years into a different lease and still don’t have division orders. Hoping to have those cured asap. Thanks again!

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