Can someone point me to where I can find out what it all means?

I have documents from several counties that are titled Mineral Deed. It has the following text in it which I have munged a bit so as to not spill the beans:

West Half of Southeast Quarter (W/2 SE/4) and Southwest Quarter (SW/4) of Section 5, Township 7 North, Range 12 West, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

Does this mean that I have some part of everything within that location? If not, what does it mean? Use small words, I’m not too bright.

So what I think you are saying is this. You possibly own a percentage of mineral royalites in two parts of a full section. That being what you describe as S5,T7N,R12W in Kingfisher County Oklahoma. One being W/2, SE/4 meaning the West half of the Southeast part of the section the other being SW/4 meaning the Southwest quarter of the section is that correct? If that is correct, then the areas would look like this and anything in it, you would have your percentage of the royalities in those areas. Based on what basic information you have given us to work with. MK

Yes, you will have a percentage of the minerals under the W/2 SE/4 of the Section and in the SW/4 of the section. 240.00 gross acres.

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Thanks for the input. It is helpful.

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Thank you. The text I provided is exactly as in the Mineral Deed, but with the location changed a bit. I have no other information for some of the areas. I am trying to find out who I should contact and what information they need.

If you give the section, township & range someone will get you the operators if the properties are producing. They are who you need to contact.

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Thanks very much for the input. It is means what I think it means.

Did you inherit and you are trying to find out what to do next as an heir, or what is your particular question? For section 5-7N-12W, there is one active well. It is in the NW4 of the section, REPP BIA 1-5. It has 640 acre spacing, so if you own minerals in that section, then you would own royalties from that well. Territory Resources is the operator.

I just saw this. Thanks for the reply.