Can more than one operator pool a tract of land


If one operator has established a pool and it is producing, can another operator create a pool using the same tracts of acreage that are unitized by the other producing operator?


Generally this will involve different depths and the units will not overlap. Recently some operators have formed units that overlap by acreage and depths, but that is not common. If your lease allows pooling without restrictions, then you will have no say in the matter. There may also be differences per state law by the location of your minerals.



I see most your posts have been in Grady Co, OK.
What you are likely seeing is 2 operators competing for the same spacing. What TennisDaxe said is correct, But, lf you are referring to Grady county, I’d guess there are two application on the same zones and each has protested the other. One will eventually withdraw and the other will prevail and be the operator. We are also seeing quite a bit of the in other counties. In the past trades or deals made to reach and agreement.