Can lost Mineral Rights thru tax delinquency ever be recovered?

If your family's Mineral Rights were lost due to tax delinquency because at the time there were no known heirs, is there any way they could be recovered?

I think there is a statute of limitations or something. There is a time period where the party (or heirs) who was delinquent can redeem, even after a deed has been made to a purchaser from a tax sale. I am not an attorney but that is my understanding.

My experience is with a fraction of surface that has the minerals. It is sold on the courthouse steps auction style. Though I have yet to actually see the process. There is a time frame to redeem after that a deed is issued. In my case owning other fractions gave no claim to the fraction that was sold. Strange timing as they issue the deed if not redeemed by March 31. I had over a year but could not get it done, or had a lazy lawyer. The folks at the courthouse can give you a number of the "case" and a phone number in Charleston to call. Like the other guy free advice take it for what it cost.