Can I request title run sheets

I have received a forced pooling order for these sections Notice of Forced Pooling on Sections 16, 21 and 28 Township 7 North, Range 13 East, Pittsburgh from Calyx Energy III, LLC, but I do not have any record of my father buying a parcel or parcels here. With a forced pooling order can I request title run sheets, abstract of title, etc. so that I know what parcel they are talking about? Thank you!

Sure you can but it doesn’t mean you will get them. Be sure you make an election so you don’t get deemed at the lowest royalty.

You can try tracing title through You can call the operator and request the paragraph from the title opinion that indicates your ownership, but they will not always give it to you. They will not give you the whole title opinion. As Todd said, go ahead and make an election while you get it sorted out. You only have 20 days in which to respond. Send by certified mail return receipt and keep a copy of your election. Most of us pick the highest royalty to get a higher payout over the long run.