Can I lease?

Devon put a well in my area and I participated. My

Mineral acres went unleased. Does Devon have claim to my minerals, or can I get a royalty check

from Devon based on the suggested pooling price?

You would need to sign a lease to be paid royalties. By participating, you became a working interest owner and liable for your share of the well costs. You are the operator of your mineral interest. Did you sign any document to elect to participate and pay well costs up-front? If not, then you may have your share of costs deducted from your share of revenues until Devon recoups 100% of the well costs, including on-going operations. It depends on state law and the terms and conditions of any documents that you sign.

I know there are a lot of screwy things that takes place; but, was the well on your property or just a well in a pooled area and how did you "participate" (what ever that means) without signing a lease? Sounds screwy to me!

The well is not on my surface acres. I elected to participate by sending a letter to the OCC when the well was getting it’s permit. I was not offered a lease. I receive a invoice for well expenses and a check for well production each month. I did not receive a notice that I had been pooled and dont get a royalty check. Am I eligible to lease to someone and get a royalty check also ?

You can lease your minerals to any company which wants to assume your position as a working interest in the well. Then you will no longer be participating as a working interest. You could contact the operator and ask if the operator wants to lease your minerals and take over your working interest. I do not see how you can be a working interest (participate in well) and also be a royalty owner.

Can I participate in a well and also lease and get royalty money?