Can I lease??

I participated in a well in my area and

qualified because I own some mineral

acres. I did not sign a lease.

Can I now lease to someone other

than the well owner, and get a royalty

check from a new lease? (I do not wish

to affect my well participation status.)

Only a portion of your minerals, if any, that is not in the well spacing.

I have been offered a lease that would exclude an existing well in which I am a participant. I would say that theoretically says you could lease excluding your current well. The thing is that I have only received one such offer and that probably means they are unusual. If you merely do not want to participate in future wells, you might be looking for a Farm out agreement where someone else participates in future wells on your minerals for a negotiated share.

yes, excluding rights that you participated with.

Does the new lease I sign get resold to the well operator? How does the new lessor make any money?

A lessee could sell your lease to the operator or participate in future wells. In a farm out, you wouldn't be leasing but forming a partnership where you put up minerals and the other side supplies money and management.