Can I get some help with a legal description?


I am an Oklahoma mineral owner and comfortable with Section, Township, and Range.

We have a few holdings in Texas and I would like to know how many mineral acres are referenced in this legal description?

A .015625 royalty interest in the East Half (E/2) of the Southwest Quarter (SW/4) of Block Thirteen (13), Section Ninety (90), H & GN Survey, Wheeler, County, Texas, known as Mitchell Lease.

Also, I suspect the "royalty" interest is a "mineral" interest. Our predecessor in title commonly listed these as royalty interests in his records but the original actual deeds here in Oklahoma are all Mineral Deeds so I suspect the same is true for the Texas interests.

Any help? And is there any leasing/production in the vicinity?

You have to find out how many acres are in that particular section. You have minerals in 1/8 th of the section.