Can I find the operator via the legal description from a deed?

I am assisting someone who is trying to locate the operators/companies for their interests in different counties in OK, TX and CO. Is there a way to locate the operator name from the legal description from the deed? Or is there another trick? I have googled, called, emailed every last lead the current owner has. The person who had the interests prior didn’t keep accessible records so there is no more information beyond the legal description and the name of the past owner. The end goal is to update all of the division orders to ensure proper payment.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you.

In Texas, if you have a legal description, you can go on the RRC map and locate the tract, and then search visually on the map for operators who have active wells in that tract.

Here is the link to the map-


No, the deed will not have an operator. There are various ways to look up information depending upon the state. You would need the legal description for each. Also, you may not have any production for a particular tract of acreage, so there would not be an operator. You need to keep track of both producing and non-producing acreage.

For Oklahoma, you can used the following websites to start your search. Pending OCC cases at the following link: Case Processing Online

Actual cases if you have the case numbers: OAP

Docket proceedings: Well activity: Test

Production: Gross Production

Most of the OK legal documents such as leases, deed, sales are posted at

I do not work TX or CO as much, but the starting locations would be: COGCC Regulation and Google the Texas Railroad Commission to get their link. Wade just posted their GIS link.

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Thank you for the link, Wade!

Hi Martha,

Thank you again for all of the information. I will definitely take a look at those resources. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

The link won’t open for me. Would you please type it in with quotes around it so I can try that way.

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