Can I find API for Oklahoma well if i have PUN?

I received a division order for a well in Oklahoma (I’m not signing it). I want to make sure I am researching and tracking the correct well so I called the payor for the API. All they could give me was the PUN. Is there a way to find the API for an Oklahoma well using the PUN?

I tried doing a PUN search on OKTax but that didn’t provide the API.


The first page of the PUN on the OTC has the API in the lower left corner. It does not include the first two digits which are 35 for OK. It is also on the Printable tab, also on the lower left. Here is an example. Look just below the producer name. 051-24983. The whole API is 35-051-24983. The API has a two digit state code, three digit county code and five digit well code. If you see another four digits such as 0001, that would indicate a side track.


Thanks Martha but this one doesn’t list an API. The PUN I’m working with is 137-010223-0-0000

@hmtrust, I can find two API’s that reference that same PUN number. 35-137-10078 HEFFNER D Well 3, and 35-137-20473 HEFNER D Well 4. 35-137-20473 is sometimes also referred to as HEFFNER instead of HEFNER. Both of the wells are in 14-2N-5W NE.

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Yes, Sometimes several wells can be on the same PUN meter. If they are in the same spacing and have the same operator.

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