Can I agree to multiple leases on the same property?

I recently signed a lease for land in Bottineau cnty. ND- since then I've had several calls from other landmen about a lease, is it possible to have several leases on the same land with different companies?? I have not returned the calls not knowing what is possible....

I think it is most likely that your lease hasn’t been recorded yet, or if it has the other landmen haven’t looked up your property lately. It is possible to lease a single producing zone and then lease other zones but you would probably be aware, had you done that. If your lease was an oil and gas lease you may get an offer to lease potash in the future, maybe even uranium, so it is possible to have more than 1 lease on the same property. I hope this helps.


You have to read your mineral description carefully as the Township and Range might be the same while the Section description is different even though they look the same. This happened to me back in 2008 and at first I thought a company was requesting mineral acreage which had already been leased. Come to find out, the Section was slightly different than the one already leased.

In Canada, you can lease out different depths - or formations. But spell it all out carefully , or they may tie up your rights to the center of the earth if they drill and find something, and you didn't say how deep . more in Canada group. Lori