Can anyone recommend a good mineral rights Attorney in West Texas?

I need to find a good mineral rights Attorney in West Texas preferably Midland or Fort Stockton. If anyone can help me please give me a recommended person. All help is much appreciated.

I'd recommend Mr. Wade Caldwell. You'll find him as a regular contributor on this site.

Okay thanks. Can I send him a PM from this site? Or, what city is Mr Caldwell out of? Thanks for the reply.

Wade Caldwell is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Clint Liles

Yep, I’ll vouch for Wade Caldwell, too. Linton


Many thanks in advance. I will contact Mr Caldwell.

And we agree with Wade Caldwell. We have used him for forming our LP/LLC, Pipelone ROW easement, and he just negotiated a lease for our family. Very happy with everything he has done for us.

On this website I see tons of compliments for Mr. Wade Caldwell. Go for it!

A good attorney:

Thomas J. Howell, Of Counsel

Key Harrington Barnes, PC

3770 Rawlins

St, STE 950

Dallas, TX 752194237

Direct Dial: (214) 884-4811


My property is in Ward County; have used Thomas for years with great results.


I have contacted Wade Caldwell, and I believe he will work for the issues that I am trying to resolve. I will continue to check here for new referrals in case he does not work out for me. Thanks in advance.