Can a well be drilled on my property and I receive no royalty?

Tribune drilled 5 gas wells on our property in Green District Wetzel County West Virginia and set up 3 separate pools. They placed our property in 2 of the pools. Those 2 pools pay royalties for 4 of the 5 wells. The 3rd pool does not include our property and they do not pay us any royalty from the 5th well. As the well pad and all 5 wells are on our property, how can they not pay royalties to us for the 5th well? Charles Clark

You only get paid on wells that your minerals are in the unit of. If your minerals are not part of the unit for the “5th” well you are not entitled to any royalty.

If your property isn’t in the final pooled unit you wont get paid royalties. The units usually work out in fair ways, because there may be owners in that 5th well that got pooled out of the other 4 wells. A well can be drilled on your land and you receive no royalties if the “First Take Point” is not under your property. Many properties have well pads, but the actual fracking may take place in the adjacent section. Generally the units coincide closely to the trajectory of the well.

If you research the oil and gas records, you may be able to tell which pools you are in and why you are not included in others. This type of information is usually included in the well permitting or completion records.

It seems strange that they would not include your property in the other well but if something happens to the ones that you are in they would redo the pooling to include some of your property or they wouldn’t be able to operate the pad. I’m in favor of linear pooling of an area surrounding the well bore instead of the current acreage pooling

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