Camino won't drill

Just got notice that Camino has decided that they will not drill this location Sec 23 & 28 T8N R6W Grady County even though they received OCC okay to do so. Anyone know what is going on?

Mr Brock, Camino has drilled wells in 23 & 26 8n 6w Grady County and have completed these wells, don’t know about 28.

Got an offer from Ramey to lease @1/5 + $1500/nma. Any info on this outfit?

Jerry: That is why I am confused. Plus Camino has not contacted me to lease the property. Very strange goings-on.

Bill Raymer represents Eagle Ridge Ventures LLC. Anyone have experience with them? I am guessing that they are not seeking a license to actually produce oil and gas but instead to flip to an actual operator. Jim B

Jim- I’m going out on a limb here but I’ll bet a dollar to a sack of donuts that you didn’t grow the coffee beans that were used to make the cup(s) of coffee you drank this morning.


Todd: You win. I just pop the K-cups into the machine and “mash the button”. Jim B

PS: I do like to learn about things that interest me. At age 91 there are still lotsa interesting stuff in this world. And out of it… was reading about the heliosphere yesterday …

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You’re right, he probably isn’t going to operate a well. He could be looking to flip your lease, or he could be working for a brokerage that allows hims to keep a percentage of leases he receives, he could be looking to acquire non operating working interest to participate in future wells. At the end of the day what difference does it make if he presents the best offer.

It’s true that the quality of the offer is the main factor in such decisions, but isn’t it wise to also consider how the offers might differ in likelihood of actually being drilled? I’ve always given a little weight to whether or not there seems to be an actual plan. Maybe that’s naive, as what’s required is that somebody has a plan for the particular property, but that’s been my practice, anyway.

Ernst: I really want to have the well producing, thus tend to avoid flippers. Jim

Rudy: one thing I wonder about is what kind of reputation Eagle Ridge Ventures enjoys in Oklahoma. Internet search shows that they own or lease royalty property in Blaine County. Nobody seems to know “nuffin”. Jim B

I’d rather lease when I think there’s a plan to drill but a good lease with bonus is more than fine. Over a 25 year period of owning minerals (some producing when I inherited them) I’ve written maybe 15 leases, some 3-4 times on the same parcel, and had one non producing well drilled on those leases. I would have missed out on a significant amount of money had I not leased. I have turned down a lot of offers though, and everything I own that’s not producing is currently not leased.

Me, too, Duff. But we deal with what we got, amirite?