Camino natural resources llc

Has anyone had any dealings with Camino Natural Resources, LLC? They’ve approached us on some mineral interests we’re connected to here in Grady. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Their representative have contact us regarding minerals we have in Caddo County. So far so good. We have negotiated a price and royalty and received the leases. They are doing their due diligence right now. I am more pleased with them compared to some others I have dealt with including friends!

Thank you for your response, Jim. That’s a positive. Enjoy your day!

Just wondering, Russ, if we could be related? We have Buchanan relatives in OK. My maiden name is Buchanan.

Could be, Laura. I have a small tree started in Geni and you’re welcome to check it out. We could be cousins! LOL!

Russ, I have not, but wanted to see if you had any inputs on Camino, as were hearing from them as well.



I invested in the Cleburne well drilled by Gulfport. Camino look over the well shortly after it was brought online. They were very quick to respond to emails and I’ve had no issues with Camino for the past 6+ months. Seems like a good company.

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Realizing this reply is out of place - I need to go ahead and post anyway because, otherwise I can’t establish contact with the forum.

For some unknown reason I have been disconnected from the Forum. I am told my email address does not exist. Someone please help. Thanks John Morgan

Have not received any information from this site since 4/22/19

Contact Kenny_Dubose and see if he can hook you back up. I know I accidentally hit spam one day and got disconnected. He put me back together.

I have the same problem; no e-mail notifications for the last couple of weeks.

My email notifications halted on March 26. My provider looked and none are coming through.

The best way to use the site is through logging onto it and checking for your latest notifications.

Small world! Camino is drilling a new well in our section of Grady. My brother Steve looked them up and they appear to be okay. They can’t be any worse that what we are dealing with now!