Camino-Jack David


Does anyone have any new information on the Jack David drilled by Camino in 9-7-7 Surface hole in 8-7-7 as far as what kind of production they’re expecting


Drew: The Jack David went into production around the 1st of September. You should see division orders around March 1, 2019.


Todd, what are division orders? I know it’s a stupid question to those who know the answer! :yum: thanks!


Division orders confirm your social security number, it may also provide for direct deposit. There may be a acreage designation. If you have any title issues, like an unprobated estate, you will probably be given a list of title requirements before they will begin paying. Richard Winblad Attorney


Thank you, Richard…


Division Orders are the contract between you and the operator that agrees on the division of interest in the well. It has a more stringent title opinion than the leasing title opinion. Your decimal interest in the well is determined by the following formula: net acres/spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your section (if a multisection well)


Thank you, Martha…


Most division orders have a $100 minimum amount. I usually change mine to $25 in order to have more regular checks.