Camino Case # 20182380 & 20182382

The most recent case update on OCC is a Notice of Continuance to September 3 which of course has come and gone. Assuming some resolution was reached in the hearing does anyone know how quickly OCC updates it’s records with the outcomes of the hearings? Or curious where else I could go about finding if Camino was able to get the multi-unit and pooling requests granted or not.

Any help appreciated

You can watch the cases on the docket results list on the OCC.

You can also watch on the OCC OAP site, a bit slower to post there.

Interesting. But what do the notations OMOA and Rec mean?

Mr. Brock- assuming you mean “DMOA” which means dismissed motion of the application by the occ. In other words, the application has had no activity so the commission dismissed it.

Rec means the application has been recommended and an Order will be issued.

Hope that helps.

Todd: Thanks a heap. I am still learning. Jim B.