Callon Petroleum

Just wondering if anyone in Ward county has had any dealings with Callon Petroleum in the area surrounding section 162.

Thank you, Donalee T

I have not dealt with them there specifically, but I was the land manager there. Thanks!


Donalee , Mke East, Callon has the lease on my well, not a big producer now, located in SEC 1 BLK 1, True Grit is the well. Callon purchased from Cimarex in November 2018 and hasn’t done anything to date that I know of, monthly royalties don’t show much.

I am interested in the current price being offered per NMA for the selling of MR"S in Ward County.

Also the current price per rod for gas, Oil & water lines. WE land owners are getting ripped off by the companies and State of Texas for all the petroleum products that flow across our land in the lines.


Callon well has been producing since December 2018. Have not yet received a division order. Is this typical for Callon? There are at least several dozen lessors. Maybe that is the reason?

Received a division order from Callon today.

Have you begin receiving monthly checks.

Richard, no I have not. Have you?

Callon sold production on wells I have an interest in to Double Eagle 4 or 5 months ago. Location of wells are in Midland.

The land man for Callon talked to me last week and said we should be getting a check around the 10th of October. Sure hope so.

Now I am working on Luxe on a well NW of Barstow. I have yet to talk to a land man but the site person said it was a good well 30 days ago and is waiting on the proof of ownership. She figured it would be Nov 1.

No one gets in a fast mode. Alwayst tomorrow. I hope the wait is worth it. .

Received my first royalty check from Callon today. Looks like it is for December-August.

Congratulations on getting a check. No one in my “family group” of some half dozen owners all with interest in TEEWINOT A2 have Division Orders yet.

How about Teewinot A1?

Sorry for the delay in getting back on this. We don’t have any interest in TEEWINOT A1. Other family members do and they got their division orders late spring. Those of us in the family with mineral rights in TEEWINOT A2 all got Division Orders in November (11 months after production started) which we all sent in within a couple of days. The drilling unit changed from the original ~120 acres in the original permit and also in the first completion report in March to ~280 acres in a second completion report in September. When the Division Order arrived in November the decimal didn’t match the calculation to the acreage so we asked about it and found out it was then 302.51 acres. So ten months after production started they were still changing the drilling unit size and thus reducing our decimal, which doesn’t seem quite fair. In any case they claimed to have lost everything I emailed them - twice. And today they finally said after emailing to them a third time that everything is ready and I will get my first check — in March(!?). No one in the family has received a check yet, though some were told they would get them starting in February.