Callon Payment Issues

Has anyone had trouble getting money out of Callon?

Not really. They pay like clockwork for most stuff. I think they are a little behind on title in some areas so it takes 90-120 days to get into pay status. What issues are you having with them?

Same sort of thing. Was this pre- or post-merger?

Post-merger for sure. They were really quick before the merger, now it takes a lot longer to get things into pay and get a division order. I will say their owner relations group has done a pretty decent job communicating things in a timely manner.

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Pacho, I receive my payment from Callon by electronic deposit, I am notified at the end of each month 3 days prior to deposit and the royalty money is in the account, plus I get a mailed receipt a week later. Callon is now issuing their own checks, before it was Carrizo checks.

I’m curious as to your division order, what is the name of the well? I have been waiting since January 20 to receive a return signed division order from Callon.


I’ve experienced payment issues with them both pre-merger and pre-COVID, though things have only gotten worse since both events. I simply don’t have such problems with other operators/payors. Very troubling, especially given the high level of financial and operational stress in the E&P sector!

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