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I am looking for heirs of Farris Brawley Sr. in Caldwell County or anywhere; regarding property owned Near Lockhart, Texas. Please message me directly at

I am looking for other property owners currently being contacted to lease your mineral rights for drilling in Caldwell County - even more specfically, southeast of Lockhart. We were recently contacted and have concerns. Is anyone else in Caldwell County concerned about whether fracking will occur here and/or the impacts drilling will have on our groundwater quality and levels?

Is there any new activity in and around Luling?

Mary Gilliam

Mary, I don't know specifically, but I would say a resounding "yes" from what I've heard and seen. I'm between Lockhart and Luling off of 86. We're seeing new drilling rigs and know they are actively looking for new leases. You might Google "new oil and gas activity Caldwell County" - lots of sites there. I was just looking for my immediate area when I went on. I'd love to hear new information as you can add it and I will do the same, if you're interested. Susan


I do not live in Caldwell county but have mineral rights in some very old wells int he Salt Flat oil field. But if I hear anything I will be in touch.

Mary Gilliam

I have mineral rights between Luling and San Marcos on the San Marcos River (Gander Slough area) and I have heard nothing from any oil companies. Wish I would, I can never have too much!

has anyone seen recent leasing activity in their part of the county ?

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