Caddo mineral owner seaking any info!

I would like to get any information on Caddo Co for mineral's I have there, going rates and Co. names that are currently leasing or drilling. Not sure if any of them are currently leased, just starting my search for that area. Thanks SO Much!!!! E/2 24-8N-9W: 13-7N-9W :SW/4-13-8N-9W

Renter, The best place to start looking is It does not give lease information but has databases to look up applications for spacing, pooling, drilling permits etc. which can give you an idea of any activity in those areas. There is also a well browse app. that will tell you of any existing wells in your sections.

Start by selecting divisions/oil and gas/databases and follow instructions from there. If you are the owner of record with current address on file in Caddo Co. the Landmen will usually find you if there is leasing going on in the area. Apache Corp. is operating one or more gas wells in 13/7N/9W.

Renter, There is a Caddo County Group on these forums. Go to groups at top of this page, then County Groups , then Caddo County.

Michael, Thanks for the quick reply! Looks like a great start with the site you've attached and the Group forum headsup.

I look forward to my homework today. Again...THANKS!!!!

Renter, Know what you mean about homework. I’m beginning to think of this as my job. I’ll be glad when I start getting a pay check! Got a drilling permit on our section, so thats a start.