Caddo Mineral leasing

I received a leasing offer in Caddo County for Sec. 11 7N 10W for 5 years at 3/16. I’ve never heard of a 5 year lease. Usually 3 years. They offered to pay 10 percent up front for one year until they have all their leasing done and then pay the remaining. I’ve never heard of that either. Can someone tell me if this is kosher? Thanks, Lisa

Personally, that would be a hard no for me. I do not lease for more than three years and sometimes quite a bit less. I would not lease without getting the full amount upfront. Five years is way too long in this business. Makes me wonder if they have adequate funding.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your insight.

The last leasing in that township was in 2019-20 mostly in the southern part. Acoma Energy back then.

Run away, very fast.

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