Caddo county section 2 township 09n range 09w

ANY ACTIVITY IN THIS AREA? I understood that a horizontal well was to be drilled .The last paperwork I have is a copy of the Order # 689493 dated 120/20/2019, This was an order for relief to establish 640 acre horizontal drilling and spacing units.

The horizontal, Pooling and Location Exception cases were dismissed Dec 26, 2019.

Does that mean that no horizontal well will be drilled? Will my mineral rights still be in a pool?

At the moment, the spacing has been approved. The horizontal well and the pooling case was dismissed. If you were on the respondents list for the pooling, then you just have to wait until they file again and get an order to get pooled. If you are leased or already have production in the section, then you will not be contacted for pooling. Given the drop in oil prices this spring and summer, almost all activity has slowed, so don’t expect anything new in the next few months for this section. Maybe someday.

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