Caddo County, NW/4, Section 16-10N-10W1

My sister and I own 60 acres of mineral rights in the above referenced section. We had received a legal notice that emergency drilling was asked to be permitted in that area. We never received notice that it was granted or anything, but just got a legal document titled “Order Dismissing the Second Application for Emergency Order”, then after that it says “Findings and Orders”, followed by a couple of short paragraphs. Citizen Energy had been the company that had filed this. Does this second letter mean they changed their minds, and won’t be drilling afterall? It’s all very confusing to us…

The cases that go with that section 16 (and 21) are 201903730 Horizontal, 201903731 Location Exception, 201903744 Pooling and 201904042 Pooling. The first three were dismissed. Usually, if they file for an emergency application they have a rig and will lose money if it is not used immediately. If they had finished pooling and were ready to drill, they may have granted it. Sounds like maybe all the items that needed to happen were not quite finished. They have filed to pool again, so that is a good sign that they are still working on putting the drilling and unit together. Time will tell.

Thank you for this information. Will we receive notice if everything is in place, and drilling commences? How long does this process take, to get ready for drilling?

If you are receiving the notices now, you will get any future ones. The timing is rarely the same, so I hesitate to answer that one.

Thank you very much for your input.