Caddo county activity

I own about 16 acres of mineral rights in Caddi County. The last offer to buy I received was for $1000 per acre and that was about 3 years ago. Today I received an offer of $1550 per acre. Is anything going on in Section 2 - 9N-R9W?

What state is that in? Just curious.


Dave Quincy said:

What state is that in? Just curious.

Dear Ms. Rainey,

On this site is a group set up for just Caddo County. It seems to be pretty active. I would head over there and see if those wise owls can give you a helping hand.

Click here.

I also got a offer today for the same price in t.9n r.9w sec. 4, but I'M NOT SELLING. i LEASED IT A YEAR AGO FOR A DECENT PRICE.

Thanks for the replies. I don't think I am going to sell at this time. My lease is up in December. Hope I get another good lease.