Caddo Co.Mineral Deed

I inherited a Mineral Deed when my mother passed away. I know nothing about mineral deeds and currently live in WA State. The following is the description of the land in Caddo Co, can someone help me determine it's value and next steps needed to move forward?

Undivided 1/10th interest in and under Lot2;W/1 SE/4 E/2 (also described as E/2 SW/4 and SW4,

Undivided 1/10th in and the E/2 NW/4 and NE/4 of Section 24, Township9N, Range 12 W, I.M.and

Undivided 11/60ths in and under the following Lots and Blocks located in Oney, OK; S 50ft of Lots 10,11, and 12 in Block 1;Lots 1,2,3,4,21,22,23,24, In Block 1;and Lots 21,22,23,24 in Block 3Thank you for any guidance you can share, Linda Henjum

Are these minerals all in sec 24, T 9N, R 12W?

As far as I know, I can tell from reading the deed. I have received offers but just don't know if they are good or bad offers. thanks for your interest and any help you can share

Dear Miss Linda,

Most of the action is Caddo Co is east of your mineral interest. I see that Fusion Oil Properties have recorded two leases back in May but nothing else is shown under leases. Most of the current leases in this section are from 2014 or 2013. I don't have access to any electronic records for this county and so cannot tell who might be interested in buying your minerals. Are you getting inquiries to purchase your minerals or to lease them?

thank you for your help

Hi- This is Linda's Brother, who shares in the minerals she has described.

They are in Sec 19 TS 9n R 11w and Sec 24 TS 9N R 12W. They are 1/10 interests of approximately 180 acres. There are active gas and oil wells in the immediate vicinity.

Below is well info in Sec 19 T9n R11w

API Operator # Well Name Well # Well Type Status SEC TWP RNG
3501500076 9998 HENNESSEY 1 AC 19 9N 11W
3501521988 5910 BUTLER 19-Jan OIL AC 19 9N 11W
3.50152E+13 14635 REBA 19-Jan AC 19 9N 11W

Our minerals are not currently leased - we have received offers to purchase for ~$12,000.

We are not sure if that is a fair price.

Any input you wish to provide is appreciated.

I also have minerals for sale. From whom did you receive offers to buy? Thanks in advance.


I own a large number of minerals in Caddo. Who did you find to be the best company to deal with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The geology changes quite a bit over the Caddo county area. The operators also change, so giving a section, township and range would be more helpful in getting answers.

Formosa Minerals is a very reliable buyer all over the state but specializes in caddo.