Caddo 14 9N 9W *

Any news about this Section? We’ve been approached by a “strategically focused royalty acquisition company”. We never sell minerals but are trying to figure out why they want to buy out an old minimally producing lease.

TPR Midcon had filed for a horizontal well in section 2 but has no hearing yet. I have heard rumors of a sale of some of their assets, so that might be why.

Devon drilled a horizontal well in section 27 back in 2013.

Any time I have a sales offer, I wonder “what do they know that I don’t know”, “are they going to make money off of me?” if the answer is “probably”, then I hold on and watch what else develops.

There is an extensive development of sections 31-11N-8W with 4-10N-8W along with 32-11N-8W & 5-10N-8W. MANY horziontal wells. I am thinking those four blocks might be fueling some speculation.