Caculations off Old Deeds

Trying to calculate net mineral acres off some old family deeds that say the following:

92% of undivided 3.333/240 mineral interest fee

Would the gross acres be 240 acres and the net mineral acres be 78.269?

Thanks for the guidance!

It really depends on the context of the entire deed. I’ve seen it a few ways.

(Nothing like mixing percentages, decimals, and fractions all in one sentence! haha)

The gross acreage will be what is described in text, usually “E/2 of section 32” (which should be ~320 acres) or “All of Section 3, consisting of 441.4 acres” (not all sections are 640 acres). Or “SW/4 and W/2 SE/4” which should be ~240 acres.

(Or if your acreage is in Texas, you could have “fifty-five paces West to the wagon wheel, 120 yards to the North, then West to the old oak tree”…oh Texas)

That description you provided could be saying 92% of 3.333 acres of 240 gross acres, or it could be saying 92% of 3.333/240ths of the gross acres.

I’m sure some land/legal specialists in here could chime in with more detail, but I’d personally need to see the whole deed to know for sure what it’s saying.

I agree with Tracy. The entire language of the deed would help with the interpretation. I could see it being either 92% of 3.333 acres while trying to describe the 3.333 out of 240 acres so the total would be 92%*3.333=3.06636 acres. It could also be 92% of 3.333/240 or a total of 0.0127765 acres. I’m sure there are also several other ways to calculate it.

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