BXP Partners - "Lost" Checks

BXP Partners operates certain wells in New Mexico in which I have an interest. They email me the Revenue Summary and mail the check separately. I have noted that while checks are dated near the end of the month, the post mark is often times 5-7 days into the next month.
The 10/29 check was never received. I corresponded and was told to give it more time as the post office was having difficulties. Later, I asked that a stop pay be issued on this “lost” check and that it be reissued. They said they would add it to the next month’s check.

In speaking with my brother today, he too did not receive his check for this same period. Seems unusual that both checks were “lost”.

Are others seeing the same thing?

Not unusual as we are all human & “stuff” happens. I would suggest you sign up for direct deposit if available.