Buyout of Brigham Exploration

Brigham has told us that they are going to be drilling on our section before the end of January. My lease runs out then. My concern is will they actually continue with what they have or since they are being bought out will that cause problems. My mineral rights are in Mountrail County ND. I have heard that Mountrail is no longer the hot spot and they are moving to Williams and McKenzie counties. Any help would be appreciated.



I believe that acreages held by Brigham will most likely be drilled according to an already establised schedule. This said, I don't know the exact date when this buyout will be approved as it could linger into next year if lawsuits hold up the transaction. All in all, I believe that you will be drilled on schedule since your minerals are expiring in January.

Brigham leased our property in ND Wm’s, 154 100 sec 15, 22 with in the last year.

Good evening Mr. Babcock,

I am very appreciative of this site. As a novice I have everything to gain by being transparent and open. Please note my question and responce on the WM's CO Discussion group 10-19-11 @ 10:25pm. RE: Top Lease. I have freely given details, esp. when asked. My intent here was to answer this persons question; Yes, Brigham is securing leases in WM's CO., I do not know if it is to the exclusion of other CO's.

My thanks to Charles Mallory, R.T.Dukes, Buddy Cotton and others who have offered such valuable advice on this site.

In reply to u're question, My family's interests are small, which limits our negotiation. For better or worse this is a new hobby for me. RE: T154 100 Sec. 15/22, Brighams lease is @ 1k per ac. net< 10 ac, 3 yr term, 3/16th RI. We accepted what was offered. Please see Wm's Co discussion group response to Charles Mallory's request for additional info. on Wm's & McKenzie.

I don't know the other "discussion thread" u critized me (by name) on. Regardless, I will not be replying to it.