Buying Our Land

We have 7 acres of inherited land in Panola County, Texas. We’ve had a few real estate companies trying to lowball us to purchase it. The latest is a company out of Austin, Texas called CrossCourt Land. Another is Landpearl out of Luling, Louisiana.

Does anyone know about these companies? Good bad, indifferent? Any warning flags?

Where is the best place to go to get a good value on the land?

If you are talking about the surface of the land only, then a real estate forum or agents in your area can discuss that value. If you are talking about mineral rights, then that is a different set of values.

Everything I can see is that it’s surface rights. We wouldn’t dare give up the mineral rights.

Unless someone on the forum is knowledgeable about that particular surface area location, we may not be able to help. You could go on the CAD site for the county and see what it is appraised for. (not saying that it is accurate, just a starting point).

I have some farmland in another county and am getting letters all the time to buy. I think some companies just use the CAD listing and send postcards to everyone. So far, what they have offered has been quite low to what we paid and what various other online sources have said nearby sales have been, so I generally throw them away.

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate the help.

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