Buying of mineral rights

I've had an offer to buy all or part of my mineral rights. I have two - a 20 acre, which I will NOT sell, and a 5 acre, which I might consider selling. I have received an offer to purchase my rights from an Omega Royalty Co., L.L.P by a Roger K. Brown. Has anyone worked with this company? Could you give me some input on the integrity of the company.

I am not familiar with that particular company, but unsolicited offers to buy are pretty commonplace. Just remember that you are dealing with real estate so be certain the transaction is handled by an independent middleman (escrow agent or attorney), as if you were selling a house.

Obviously, Buyers want to pay significantly less than full market value so strap on your negotiating boots.

Agreed: Be very careful, too many horror stories about nonpaying purchasers.