Burning question about mineral rights or not

Hi everyone,

I have a burning question about whether I have below the surface mineral rights or not.

The deed states

" ___ Grantor, hereby convey to ___ all that right, title and interest in the property situated in Ward County, State of Texas, and described as follows:

Surface acres of Lot 92 out of Sec 46 Block 34 H & TC Survey, Ward County - 10 ac +/-"

Does that mean I only have surface rights and not below the surface rights?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me clarify what rights I have.

You have not posted sufficient information for an informed response. First, It depends on the exact language within the entire deed, not just a few words out of the deed. Second, it depends on what interest the grantor owned. If the grantor only owned surface, then you will only own surface. If the grantor owned some or all of the minerals, then whether he assigned only surface or surface and minerals depends on the deed language. You may need to research the title history to see what you own. If you post the recorded deed with legal description, then someone who knows about that tract may be able to help you.

Thank you very much. I will add more information.

Really appreciate it!

Looked at your deed on Ward County records and this appears to be one of the several sections where various people acquired surface rights only and subdivided it into lots and then sold the lots. It is very doubtful that you own any minerals. However, depending on the location of your surface tract, you could be paid for uses such as well pad, pipelines, electric lines, roads. Look at the University Lands Rate and Damage Schedule dated September 1, 2017 for fees.

Thank you very much for all your help. I really appreciate it. From the language on the deed, " surface acres", I am affraid it only means surface rights.

Have a nice weekend! Once again, thank you.