Burleson County Rig Count

According to Eagle Ford Shale News, two additional rigs are now operating in Burleson County for a total of seven rigs.

How do I find out about the new wells? (Or any wells) My lease is A R Guild League A-268 in Burleson County WildHorse extended lease in Oct 2017.


Without having an expensive subscription (e.g. Drilling Info.com), the best way for you to stay up on new wells (i.e. permits and completions) is thru the Tx RRC site. They publish new permits and new completions once they are filed. Plus they locate these wells on their GIS map site.

I have checked and there have been no new permits (and therefore no new drilling) in A-268 over the past year.

Wildhorse does have a horizontal well (Bennett B 7H) that has been drilled in an adjacent survey to the east of A-268 about 1-2 miles away. Although this well is not yet formally completed, there is production filed for it in the "pending" category on the Tx RRC site. This well (Bennett B 7H) has been producing since July 2017 / production has been "OK" during this period. This appears to be a gas well (which makes sense due to location in the trend) with a max gas rate of about 1.8 MMCF per day with max condensate rate of about 150 BPD. However, there is no way to know if this well is being choked back or if this is full well production capacity.

Just have to wait for more info including the completion data / filing.

Thanks for the update! My brother just told me he talked to a guy from Esquisto and was told that they completed a well a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to call the Esquisto aka wildhorse guy tomorrow to get details. We have interest in the Moses Cummings League A16 in Burleson.

Please post info that you get from Wildhorse as to this new completion. The data may not be in the public record yet.

Survey A16 is more NE and in the guts of the Eagle Ford oil play area. Wildhorse has drilled and completed three wells in this survey over past year. All three are producing but completion data only available for one of them.

Thanks for the info and will do

Attached are production graphs from the three most recent Wildhorse EF horizontal wells in A16. Only one (Kentucky Derby 1H) has a completion report on file.

312-A16Heussner1H.pdf (40.2 KB) 313-A16SnapA1H.pdf (39.8 KB) 314-A16KentuckyDerby1H.pdf (52.1 KB)

Kentucky Derby 1H completion report

311-TXCompletionscb2e4de44e76484184cfc138964d480d.pdf (19.6 KB)

Rock Man

Just to give an update. It seems my brother made a mistake in telling me that the well was already don. We were recently told by John Trice at Esquisto/Wildhorse that the well was being drilled right now, which was March 9th 2018, and that they will frack in a couple of weeks then it will take up to 6 months to get our division orders. He even gave us a well name. Slovacek A.

DrillingInfo shows the Slovacek getting to TD in lateral with casing set on March 11th. The wait for Division orders is always tough - but first check will include more than one month of production. Then checks / deposits like clockwork.

Attached the permit plat for this well - 7000' lateral is good / more section for production. Unit is over 550 acres in size - I can easily see 3 additional 7000' laterals being drilled here with the possibility of another 3-4 laterals if they downsize spacing between wells.

Congrats! The wait will be worth it!


I think you may be on to something about maybe having more wells built because they just sent another lease to us.

$800/acre bonus

20% Royalty

3 year lease with option to extend at the same bonus amount

Thanks for the info Rock Man!

20% royalty is low - I would go for 25%. Think about the value of a 5% royalty interest in multiple wells.

Make sure you have lawyer looking at this and get a cost free lease and Pugh clause.

Thanks for the info. Are there any oil and gas lawyers you would recommend?

I personally don't know one that I would recommend, but others who read these discussions definitely do.

I suggest you start a separate discussion along the lines of "looking for O&G attorney familiar with Bryan / College Station area activity and leases" as a start to try to flush our legal representative options.

IMO, it will be money well spent.

Thanks! Will do!

Another thing......Do you know anything about the P.B. Scott Survey A-213 would you? Turns out we have some acreage here as well that Wildhorse wants to lease.....

Re: Burleson Co A-213

Although there has been no new permitting of wells in this survey for the past 3+ years, this is an area of historical activity focused mainly on the Austin Chalk (traditional fractured play) as well as Woodbine Sands, Georgetown Lime and Buda Lime.

Attached map shows all production in the survey (green dots) with list of producing well in the survey sorted by present operator. You will see Wildhorse with several wells here - probably acquired from another operator in recent deal.

This area is "on the edge" for good Eagle Ford production based on what I know about the trend (IMO). Plus the shallow and variably depleted Austin Chalk and its fracture system can create some drilling problems for Eagle Ford wells.



Thanks again for the information. Looks like that area was producing for a very long time and I noticed the final production dates were last year. I wonder why they would want to lease now.....

The latest 2017 dates for production ate wells that are still active- production filings and updates tend to be 3-4 months behind. Present leasing efforts probably geared to non HBP acreage in anticipations of probable Eagleford drilling