Burleigh County Mineral Rights

Inherited mineral rights in Burleigh County, ND. Is this near any drilling activity? Do I wait to contacted or be aggressive and look for an oil company? Not sure how to go forward with this and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looking at the map, there does not appear to be any current drilling activity in the Burleigh County area and no active wells were found. This area appears to have numerous old vertical wells which have been plugged and abandoned. The current drilling and active wells appear to be to the West of this area in Mercer and Dunn Counties. My advice would be to either contact a landman in the area or wait to be contacted as if a company decides to develope the area, they will find you.

John, how long ago did you inherit the mineral rights. North Dakota has a dormant minerals law, that requires you to claim the minerals at least every 20 years or risk losing them to the surface estate.


The rights were recorded in the county in 2008, so i presume that I will need to re-file/record the rights prior to 2028. I do know that oil was found in the late 70's.