Burke County North Dakota oil and gas lease

Hi everyone, first off thank you for having me here, I much appreciate the opportunity to learn a few things. I have 160 acres of mineral/gas rights and have already signed a lease with Cornerstone Natural resources LLC in Burke County North Dakota. Anyone have any information of activity going on up there and how people are being treated? I am out here in California and have never seen the area so i was curious as to the climate of the local populace and what is happening there.


Mike: We have mineral acreage in Williams County, ND. I use the North Dakota Industrial Commission website to obtain information in regards to drilling activity around our area. You can find a list of information topics on the left side of the page. The GIS Map will allow you to type in your Township/Range/Section and you can view any wells in your Section. Also, you can hit on Daily Reports and view spacing applications, etc. I think you will find this site very informative.

Hi Mike,

Is this a new lease? Do you mind sharing what kind of bonus they paid you and if they are drilling?

I also have mineral rights in the area.