Burke County ND - Drilling activity

25 June 2018

New to this forum. Have Mineral Rights in Burke County, is there any news of new wells being drilled or any activity in the area. Have Township 161 North Range 93 West Sec:15 NE…Have an offer from Aqyre but not sure if there will ever be any drilling in this area. Do not live in area so not up to date on activity. Thanks

Aqyre is doing a large amount of leasing in the area. Continental Resources also in there. I think there will be drilling soon. Look up Continental Resources most recent investor presentation and pay attention to the Bakken section.

Thank you for your reply. Will look up Continental Resources.

So, our family has rights in Burke in 161N, Range 93, sec 19, and Range 94, sec 20. Acqyre has contacted our family but was only offering $50-$100 an acre. We will not accept that. We were with Diamond Resources/Continental with our last lease, but when I called them recently, they said they weren’t leasing in our area. Any other news? Any other leasing with any other company besides Acqyre? I’ve been told they don’t really pay and do what they are suppose to do? Empire Oil said to watch out for them… wonder if that’s true? I called the Acqyre guy that was calling the family and he did lie to me about what a cousin had said. Wasn’t impressed with him at all. Who all is leasing in our area? I know I’ve been told by insiders to not take the first leases offered right now, to wait it out a bit… but ? Anyone have any other insights?

Aqyre is leasing for Liberty Oil who is active in the drilling right now. I live close to Williston and see Liberty Oil all over the place.

9 Landmen A lawyer to straighten out a couple sections Partial payment in Oct. over a year Deeds straightened out.
Received payment on Mountrail Now hopefully will receive rest of money due in Sept.
Not impressed with Acqyre

Thank you… it seems to be what others are saying about Acqyre too.

Hi, just checking to see if there is any drilling activity update in your area, seems we are in the same area. My family owns rights in Burke County ND 161 N, Range 93 West, Sec 15 NE. I do not live in the area and am wondering how to keep up with drilling activities and see where the real drilling is taking place. Thanks


This is the main site which is free. You have to pay $50 to go deeper into the data.

I do not live in the area either… I’m about 160 miles from Burke County and our mineral right acreage. It does seem like more interest lately, but going slow. We were just contacted by Lone Tree and it’s a better offer, but still not what we’d like as a family. Will not be signing any leases unless they give us what we want in % and per acre. Not much help, sorry!

Any thoughts on Lone Tree? They just contacted us with another low, but not as low per acre.

Active Drilling Rig List active drilling

I looked at them and they have made an offer. One relative did some negotiation and got a better offer. Seem OK, but I can’t say they have their act together. Can get names onto leases. Haste? They seem to be getting leases for Koda Resources, which seems to be in the business of getting financing to buy leases. A lot of separate LLCs for Koda if you look them up in CO. Office address in Denver seems to be a one secretary many client office, but that may be all they need for a financial operation.

Agree, scant info on Koda Resources. LoneTree pretty inflexible in negotiations. Their land man told us they “work for” Koda but can’t list Koda as the Lessee on our lease. Thinking we will wait a bit.

I had a typo on previous post ; they CAN’T get the names right on leases. They have been recording a number of leases around T160N R102W , north of Tioga. From a brief look that area seems to be of interest to them. It is not /has not been a very productive area. www.ndrin.com is where you can see the recorded leases. It cost $35 / month. The searching is relatively easy, name or location.

Beth -

I am a managing partner for AQYRE, and quite some time has passed since this was posted but I would still like to get to the bottom of this with our landman if they are someone that is still with our group. We do not accept dishonest or unethical behavior from our landmen and I would like to address this with them if possible. Can you please contact me directly at XXXXXXXXXX.

I think I have found out why they were interested in leases in the Fertile Valley area. STOUT 2917-1BH NWNW 29 160 102 File No. 36500 15783barrels produced in Mar. STOUT 2932-2TH NWNW 29 160 102 File No. 36501 13000barrels produced in Mar. KODA RESOURCES OPERATING, LLC FERTILE VALLEY - BAKKEN